Vape Pen Cartridge (Package of 3) 1g/cartridge




Founded in Vancouver, Pegasus 420 brings in a new collection of quality vape cartridges. Each Cartridge carries 90-95% pure distillate cannabis oil with 7% terpene. With multiple strains to choose from, Pegasus 420 will satisfy the everyday consumer with flavourful and effective results. Each cartridge contains 1g of distillate, sealed and ready for safe shipping.

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Ace of Spades 3pk, Apple Jack 3pk, Banana Kush 3pk, Blue Dream 3pk, Blueberry 3pk, Candyland 3pk, Death Bubba 3pk, Gelato 3pk, Girl Scott Cookie 3pk, Gorilla Glue #4 3pk, Grape Ape 3pk, Green Crack 3pk, Jack Herr 3pk, Mango Haze 3pk, Maui Wowie 3pk, Mimosa 3pk, OG Kush 3pk, Pineapple Express 3pk, Purple Punch 3pk, Skittles 3pk, Skywalker 3pk, Sour Diesel 3pk, Strawana 3pk, Sunset Sherbets 3pk, Trainwreck 3pk, Watermelon Kush 3pk, Wedding Cake 3pk, Zkittlez 3pk


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